James Arthur, “Say you won’t let go” è il nuovo singolo

E’ Say you won’t let go il pezzo che segna il ritorno discografico di James Arthur, giovane cantautore britannico vincitore nel 2012 della nona stagione del talent show X Factor UK, principalmente noto per il successo internazionale riscosso dalla hit Impossible. Il brano, in rotazione radiofonica da Venerdì 14 ottobre, anticipa il suo secondo album di inediti Back from the edge, in uscita il prossimo 28 Ottobre.


  1. Back from the edge 
  2. Say you won’t let go
  3. Prisoner
  4. Can I be him 
  5. I am
  6. Train wreck
  7. Safe inside
  8. Sober
  9. Phoenix
  10. Let me love the lonely
  11. Sermon (feat. Shotty Horroh) 
  12. Remember who I was
  13. Finally
  14. The truth
  15. Skeletons 
  16. If only
  17. Coming home for summer 

Il singolo, primo nelle classifiche inglesi per due settimane consecutive, è una ballad che racconta la paura di provare emozioni e di aprirsi in una nuova storia d’amore. Ad emozionare principalmente è la voce unica che possiede l’artista, un talento che dalla Gran Bretagna si appresta a conquistare ogni singola parte del mondo.



I met you in the dark
you lit me up
you made me feel as though
I was enough
we danced the night away
we drank too much
I held your hair back when
you were throwing upThen you smiled over your shoulder
for a minute, I was stone cold sober
I pulled you closer to my chest
and you asked me to stay over
I said, I already told ya
I think that you should get some restI knew I loved you then
but you’d never know
cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go
I know I needed you
but I never showed
but I wanna stay with you
until we’re grey and old
just say you won’t let go
just say you won’t let goI wake you up with some breakfast in bed
I’ll bring you coffee
with a kiss on your head
and I’ll take the kids to school
wave them goodbye
and I’ll thank my lucky stars for that nightWhen you looked over your shoulder
for a minute, I forget that I’m older
I wanna dance with you right now, oh
and you look as beautiful as ever
and I swear that everyday you’ll get better
you make me feel this way somehowI’m so in love with you
and I hope you know
darling your love is more than its worth in gold
we’ve come so far my dear
look how we’ve grown
and I wanna stay with you
until we’re grey and old
just say you won’t let go
just say you won’t let goI wanna live with you
even when we’re ghosts
cause you were always there for me
when I needed you mostI’m gonna love you till
my lungs give out
I promise till death we part
like in our vows
so I wrote this song for you
now everybody knows
cause it’s just you and me
until we’re grey and old
just say you won’t let go
just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go
oh, just say you won’t let go


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